Inspection Fees
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Buyer's Inspection

Clients are encouraged to be present at the time of the inspection. The interplay of communication and on-site explanation goes a long way to clarify existing conditions at the structure and provides greater clarity and a fuller exchange of information during the inspection process. 

All regular full inspections include two reports. First there is a full written report in an easily readable narrative format detailing the conditions of the structure with possible maintenance and repair suggestions. This is not a checklist report. It is a more thorough description of your potential new home which can be used by the buyer to submit requests or suggestions for repair - or - be saved as a source of information for future maintenance and repairs. There is also a Photo Report that comes with each full inspection to provide visual support for information in the text report.

Also included in the report are links and contact information for governing agencies, expert advice and product manufacturers dependent upon the conditions revealed by a close examination of the property.

Reports are e-mailed within 24-36 hours. Generally reports are emailed the day after the inspection and will reflect information discussed at the time of the inspection as well as more detailed clarification of issues that may have been discovered. 

Seller’s Inspection

When preparing to sell your home there are a number of protective actions that you can take to ease the process. One is to get a pre-listing inspection for your home. This can have multiple benefits. If your sale is planned well in the future, a pre-listing inspection can pinpoint areas of concern that will be raised during the upcoming sale process. It will also focus on systems requiring care, maintenance or repairs that can be budgeted for preparation to sell your home.

If listing your property is close at hand, a pre-listing inspection can prioritize current conditions so that upcoming negotiations are realistic and fact based from the conditions discovered during a pre-inspection. This helps protect you, the seller, during negotiations.

Seller’s Inspections are performed exactly as a normal full home inspection with a written and photo report, at the same pricing.

Pre-Offer Verbal Inspection

Verbal Inspections are permitted by the state licensing board if the property is not yet under contract. In the hyper-active Seattle/Puget Sound market some properties receive significant attention, having numerous inspections performed in the very short window of time before bids/offers are accepted. The Home Report, LLC offers a verbal inspection under these circumstances. It is quicker and cheaper, but there is no written or photo report generated. It is recommended that the buyer be present at the inspection to take notes during this inspection process or during the onsite summary.

If the buyer's offer is successful, a written report can be generated at a later date with a $100 discount off the price of the normal inspection rate for a structure of that size. A second period of access to the structure would need to be obtained for this full inspection and report.


The Home Report, LLC inspects property in the entire Puget Sound area. I focus especially on North, West and South Seattle, Shoreline, Burien and other nearby communities. Outlying locations may require an additional travel fee. These areas would include Mill Creek and beyond to the north, Tacoma and beyond to the south and Issaquah and beyond to the east. Inspections across water [ie. Vashon Island and Bainbridge Island] would also require ferry and travel fees.

Cancellation Fees

The Home Report, LLC tries to accomodate the hectic Puget Sound market, but cancellations less than 24 hours before the scheduled inspection time will be charged at $100 for a Verbal In-spection and $125 for a Full Inspection. This is to partially com-pensate the inspector for turning away other potential clients to reserve an inspection slot, and not being able to recover this connection under such short notice.

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