"I reviewed the home inspection report over the weekend, and want to let you know that your inspection report is one of the most informative & useful reports I have seen. I particularly appreciate that it’s mostly custom-written with qualitative details about what was observed, rather than just ticking boxes & fleshing out cookie-cutter comments on a standardized reporting template, like many house inspection reports.  Your recommendations are practical & sensible for the most part and the background references & web links you included about various house components are informative. Thanks again for a high-quality, worthwhile house inspection."

Bob L., Mercer Island, WA

"We were delighted with the high quality of your careful work. Your report has been extremely useful and you were great to make yourself available on very short notice for the original verbal report. We would be glad to be on hand as positive recommenders if ever needed!."

Nicole DW, Seattle, WA

"My review of The Home Report, and more specifically Donald Lawn, constitutes the first time I have ever written a consumer review. While I feel there is some value in reading internet reviews on popular review sites, I have never been one to take the time to provide my opinion, for a variety of reasons. That said, my wife and I have had the pleasure of utilizing Don's services for two residential home inspections over the course of the past several months, and his professionalism, knowledge, and costumer service warrant special recognition, as they are unparalleled amongst his peers.

In the current real estate climate of Seattle 2015, the buyer is in essence forced to obtain a home inspection on any home in which he or she believes they may eventually elect to place an offer, prior to a predetermined formal offer review date. My wife and I had the unlucky fortune of partaking in numerous bidding wars, and inadvertent opportunity to work with various home inspectors as a result, prior to finally obtaining our current home. We used multiple different inspectors during the home buying process largely related to last minute scheduling, resulting in a necessity to choose whomever was available. All of the inspectors came recommended by our agent, and all were competent.

Towards the end of our home buying journey, our agent told us about Don at The Home Report. She explained that several of her co-agents had used him in the past, and that they were recently raving about his work. We had yet to find an inspector that stood out amongst the rest, so we were happy to try Don. Having partaken in about five home inspections prior to meeting Don, I had become fairly competent in the major components of the inspection, and had a reasonable grasp of the inspectors' tendencies. 

The first home Don inspected for us, I had the pleasure of being on site. I saw first hand when Don measured carbon monoxide emissions from the gas range in the home, as well as record an infrared measure of heated air moving from each individual vent in the home, tasks I had not witnessed any of our prior inspectors perform. Additionally, and more importantly, Don graciously and very competently answered all of my questions during the review, and his fund of knowledge far surpassed any of our prior inspectors, presumably due to his past experience as a local contractor. 

When we finally purchased our home, we did so without the opportunity for pre-inspection due to extenuating circumstances. My wife and I still felt compelled to have Don inspect our home after moving in for piece of mind. On this occasion, we obtained a full written report from Don, which to no surprise, was more thorough and polished then others I had received in the past from alternative companies. 

I realize internet testimonials should always be taken with some degree of skepticism, if for no other reason, each person's individual experience is a byproduct of numerous factors and may not be a reflection of how everyone else may judge the same situation or business. However, I would say in this one particular instance, trust my recommendation without any reservations. I have done my homework on this topic, not by choice of course, and Donald Lawn is an excellent home inspector, superior to any that I have used, and I am sure you will be more than satisfied with his work."

Jack P., Seattle, WA

“As a 22 year practitioner of home-buyer advocacy in Seattle, I was introduced to Don Lawn’s Home Report inspection services approximately 15 years ago.  We came to the understanding that Don’s comprehensive combination of practical, hands-on wisdom of construction, combined with his true and visible care and concern for his client (the buyer, NOT the agent), along with his gentle and uniquely intelligent style of communication, in which he sincerely engages his clients with the purpose of education, understanding and problem solving, and last but not least, underpinning his whole package; his so-well written hard-copy report (so incredibly valuable to us as negotiators on behalf of the buyer; which we consider to truly be the best in the business, which provides us with an absolutely invaluable tool in post-inspection negotiation as well as gives the home-buyer with what we think is a priceless home-maintenance manual), all of those substantial aspects of service put him in a league of his own, so far above the ever-evolving and improving field of home inspections. As you can tell, we really can’t find enough words to express the spectrum of value, skills, wisdom, knowledge, concern that makes up Don Lawn’s Home Report services. Finally, we honestly dread the day that we get the call from Don, informing us of his intention to retire. For our sake, and our buyers, may it be many years away!”

Bruce and Donna P., Realtors, Seattle, WA

"It was a pleasure meeting and working with you Don. I wanted to let you know that after much thought, I've decided to rescind my offer to purchase that home.  I don't doubt that it could have been brought up to snuff but frankly... I felt like it wanted to pass on this one. The good news for you is that you will most certainly be getting another call from us to perform another inspection - hopefully quite soon - as I do have other properties that I like.   I've decided that my attitude on the inspection cost, right or wrong, is that it is money well spent.  Even if I end up having you perform ten inspections, paying $4250, even that is worth me ending up with the right property.  Hopefully it won't come to that but we'll see.  ; )"

Michael S., Burien, WA

"I just had a chance to read the report you sent me. Great work!  I have no questions. Your writing is very clear and easy to understand. I haven't seen the building myself, but some of the photos that I saw in the report raised my suspicions about the overall quality. Your report is a great aid to my wife's decision process regarding purchasing the unit...Thanks again for the great report."

Hans D., Seattle, WA

“I can't imagine how anyone could purchase a home without a professional home inspection first. Recently, I had the good fortune to work with you and obtain a thorough, comprehensive report on a home I was considering buying. This was a home that showed beautifully and without your professional knowledge the hidden defects would never have been known. We presented your report and several requests for modifications to the sellers and they rejected them. Needless to say, my decision was an easy one at that point.

Because of this I must say, thank you for saving me from buying a money pit! The sellers of this home must be counting on finding a buyer who just isn't smart enough to obtain the services of a professional home inspector first. All I can say is, Caveat Emptor! (Let the Buyer Beware!)”

Christina F., Seattle, WA

“Thank you for such professional and thorough service.”

Barbara D., Seattle, WA

“My husband and I were extremely impressed and happy with Mr. Lawn’s inspection of the home we were considering to buy. He came on very short notice, which was greatly appreciated. And not only did he thoroughly examine the construction of the house, but he also tested all of the functioning elements there; the furnace, ovens, dishwasher, microwave, spa, sinks, lights, etc. The most impressive thing to us was the extensive written report that he provided after doing the inspection. It contained pages and pages of detailed information on the various components of the house. Not only was there a wealth of information presented, but in talking with him, Don offered solution to the problems found. Our real estate agent was also very impressed with the report we received. He had never seen an inspector provide so much detailed information for any of his other clients. Once we moved in, we were able to use his report to give attention to potential problem areas. We felt secure in knowing so much more about our purchase due to his in-depth report.”

Patty H., Seattle, WA

“I was pleased with your professional conduct of the inspection and your forthright explanations of procedures, and to my special questions. Thanks!”

George E., Bellevue, WA

“Thank you again for such a thorough report... we found the right house and have a good list of what to fix thanks to you! I hope I get to recommend you...thank you so much!”

Corinna N., South Carolina

“Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent job you did inspecting the house I’m going to buy. I’m getting lots of additional work done that I didn’t even know was needed [new half of roof, removal of oil tank, new windows in basement, lots of minor repairs]. I’m glad I found those things out before buying! Your report was excellent too...even my mortgage guy said you did a great job. If you ever need a reference, I’ll be glad to recommend your work!”

Pam B., Seattle, WA

“I’m excited about moving into my house. Your report gives me peace of mind that I’m buying a solid house with few unknowns. I enjoyed meeting you too!”

Jay A. , Seattle, WA

“Thanks very much for a complete report. I intend to request your services to inspect the re-construction of this property when repairs are completed.”

George W., Seattle, WA

“I want to thank you for the job you have done. You are a good inspector. I am really happy with it.”

Ann P., Mountlake Terrace, WA

“Thanks. Great report! Well written and thorough. I appreciate your professionalism.”

Cynthia W., Seattle, WA

“Congratulations. You pointed out things which I wouldn’t have found until they found me. My wife and I feel much better about buying the house now that we know what needs to be taken care of immediately. Thank you...I will not hesitate to recommend you if the opportunity arises.”

Eric C., Kirkland, WA

“Thanks very much for the inspection report. Unfortunately the property did not work out for us [due to the issues you found]. So we’re back to the house hunt. Hopefully we’ll find something in the next few months - if so, we’d like you to do the inspection. ”

Robin A., Steilacom, WA

“Thank you for the prompt, courteous and thorough inspection. We will recommend your service to our friends.”

Nick & Mary S., Bellingham, WA

“Thank you for a thorough, well done inspection and report. Nice doing business with you.”

Bob M. , Seattle, WA

“I was well impressed with your report and appreciate you good work”

Harry N., Seattle, WA

“Your inspection was a huge help in our decision and we appreciate it. We will be calling you again with our next possibility!”

Mimi R., Seattle, WA

“Thank you Don. Your reports are very thorough and informative.  Thanks a lot.”

Kevin R., Seattle, WA

“Thanks Don. Nicely done.  Appreciate your help.”

Randall B., Seattle

“Thanks, Don.  I appreciate the thorough report and your explanation of issues as we walked through yesterday.”

Karen B., Seattle, WA

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